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Civil war in America? You will lose

Many anarchists and others have speculated a civil war is looming in the US. I do not know if or when it will happen. Regardless, I do not believe a rebellion against the strongest police state in history has a chance of winning.

After millions of Americans have been poisoned, harassed, spied on, locked up and had their lives destroyed by their rulers, the state continues its merry way. It gets worse with every law, as we have seen in Barack’s executive orders, indefinite detention, assassination of US citizens, and so on, which themselves are merely a continuation of the Patriot Act and other crimes against freedom. What was once a republic has become an empire desperate to grab every last scrap of power it can, all over the world. How can such things have carried on with no one to stop them?

The first answer is, in general, Americans do not know what is going on. Even most well-informed people do not understand the implications of the rising authoritarianism of the US government. They brush it off–these things have happened before and we’ve always survived. I believe in the system! But the system is against you, my friend, and the sooner you realise that, the sooner you will liberate yourself.

But they are not interested in liberating themselves. The well informed fight about which candidate is best to rule them, and whether gays should be allowed to marry. The uninformed majority fights about whom should be kicked off the island. Millions of Americans are on brain-numbing pharmaceutical drugs. They do not want to read about unpleasant things like the drone wars, the militarisation of the police, brazen crony capitalism, and so on. The mainstream media, the pharmaceutical industry and the schools have left most Americans without a clue and content that way.

Americans are simply not ready for a revolution. They have been led to believe the state protects their rights, freedoms and lives. They will believe what they are told–that rebellious militias (or even peaceful protesters) are terrorists and must be locked up, tortured and killed. When violence comes, they will cling ever more firmly to the state, begging it to save them from the bad guys. They do not understand that the state is at the root of society’s problems, and they put their fingers in their ears when someone tries to tell them.

So, who is left to join you in your second revolutionary war? How many angry young men will you be able to scrape together to form a militia before they get arrested? How many libertarians and anarchists will actually pick up a gun to defend their beliefs when they matter most? Will more than 1% of the police, military and other security forces actually leave their posts? Will the Oathkeepers join you? The very existence of the Oathkeepers is a sign enough people who have sworn that oath will not uphold it.

I promise you I do not wish to gloat; in fact, I sympathise; but there will be no rebellion. It will be crushed by thousands upon thousands of bombs, bullets and missiles. The state will continue its march to totalitarianism and you will be expected to fall in line.

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    January 17, 2013 at 4:36 pm

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    This is great…though I agree and disagree. But each of us has our own approach.

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