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The revolution of consciousness

The next revolution must be a revolution in consciousness. Our time has seen revolutions from Iran to Egypt fail the very people who started them with such hope. Why did the revolutionaries fail? Because, though they may have liberated the people, the people did not liberate themselves.

The Rule of Freedom aims to reverse that process. It does not propose violence; the state has mastered the means of violence. It does not advocate imposing a certain way of life on the people; the state has already done that. It has failed to bring happiness and meaning to the masses. Instead of educating and caring for people, statism has instead turned individuals full of promise into tools of the ruling class.

This book and blog are designed for one aim: to brighten the minds of those who want to understand the world around them. Can we even envision a free world in the time of big government and perpetual war? Until we understand the nature of power and the state, how can we prevent the recurrence of tyranny? Until we know what it means to be free, how do we achieve freedom?

This book is the first step. If you take it, you will spread your understanding to others. Only then can we effect the revolution.

Find the Rule of Freedom: the Manifesto of the Sovereign Community here.

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