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“Political correctness is killing this country”

(For Shit Troop Supporters Say)

It’s hard to believe how easy it is for troop supporters to tell themselves they are not being bigots right after saying something about how all Muslims are bad by saying something about “liberals” and “political correctness”. They just brush it aside. Islam isn’t a race, therefore I can make whatever hate-filled statement I want about all Muslims and not be racist. I’m not racist just because I said something hateful about a large, diverse group of people that I don’t understand, right? Nah.

People will say ANYTHING about a religious, ethnic or any other group about which they know nothing—Arabs and Muslims (same thing, right?) today, Asians a couple of generations ago and Catholics—boy, those guys were dangerous. When Irish and Germans began moving to the US in the early 1800s, Americans of previous generations heard about Catholic plots to take over the country and indoctrinate everyone in fanaticism. Blood was spilled in the name of this irrational fear, which lasted more than a century.

islamophobia racism nationalism war on terror

Today, troop supporters and others say things like “they are trying to kill us” or “they hate us for our way of life” or “they are trying to impose their laws on us”, “they” meaning everyone and everything in this amorphous group they call Islam. All they need is an anecdote here or there about how a Muslim did a bad thing somewhere in the world—or, for that matter, an anecdote about how someone did something bad to a Muslim—and the flame of hatred burns a little brighter. “Don’t you remember 9/11?” they say, as if all Muslims were guilty of the crime. “Why don’t Muslims speak out against terrorism?” They do every day. You just don’t listen.

They consider thinking in stereotypes sufficient basis for hating and killing anyone in that group and anyone resembling that group. If they actually questioned their beliefs by meeting people and learning their viewpoints with an open mind, they would find they were wrong. If they thought about what freedom really meant, they would stop forcing everyone they are suspicious of to conform to their rules and standards.

Again, it is hard to believe how ignorant these people are. I wish I were exaggerating. But I observe it every single day I visit the troop-supporter pages. They make sweeping generalizations with no basis in fact about a huge group of people and if you call them out on it they say you’re just a liberal who can’t face reality, and that political correctness is killing this country. You wouldn’t say it is your refusal to question your beliefs by asking questions and doing research that is leading this country down the spiral of an imperial police state? Do you not get where the state gets its authority to spy on people, militarize the police, detain whomever they want indefinitely without trial and make war on distant people with impunity? It’s from fear. Your fear of people you don’t understand. Whatever the state does to others, it grants itself the power to do to you. Your ignorance is their power. But hey, if you want to stay frightened and paranoid, you had better learn to love your enslavement.

  1. March 19, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    State doctrine holds that soldiers are intrinsically honorable. It is a conviction held by most of the public that those who wear a military uniform are to receive automatic society-wide praise for their service, irrespective of who they are or what they’ve done. If one dissents from the blind nationalist approval for wars, it is fine to criticize the politicians, but not soldiers generally. I’m not free because men died, or because wars were won or lost. I’m not free because a piece of paper says so, or because I was fortunate enough to be born in a particular place. I am free because I choose to be free.

    If you shackle my wrists and throw me in prison, I am yet free, for I am free in my own mind no matter the condition of my body. Likewise, you may take a person who is a prisoner of their own mind and place them in opulent luxury and afford them the ability to wander wherever they may, and yet they will still be the prisoner of their own mind. In all things, you are only as free as you choose to be.

    I am responsible for my own freedom. I do not trust the government to safeguard it. I do not trust the soldiers to keep it safe. The government may use them one day to try to strip me of my freedom, but on that day I will take responsibility for myself, and I will fight for my own freedom whatever that fight may entail.

    Von Goethe said that no people are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. A people is not freed by being allowed to enjoy a bigger cage, and no cage is more difficult to escape than the bars we erect around our own minds or, for that matter, the psychological bars we allow others to erect around us.

    I am Free because I choose to be. And so can you be…..

  2. March 19, 2015 at 7:06 pm

    No living veteran or active duty serviceman has ever done anything to keep us safe or defend our right to voice our opinion.
    military people are agents of the State, and as such, they can and should be criticized.

    sacrifice by itself isn’t honourable. Mafia hit men sacrifice a lot for their jobs. The Nazi soldiers sacrificed a lot. The 9-11 terrorists sacrificed everything.
    It’s fucking hilarious to me that a soldier that supposedly “fights for our freedom” tells us to “shut up” when our opinion is different from their own. These middle eastern wars are clearly based on LIES and have NOTHING TO DO WITH FREEDOM, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan are not a threat to our country and we’re only there to steal their resources, control their poppy fields and participate in war crimes. Nothing but paid mercenaries in my eyes, you’re not protecting me, you’re collecting a wage by killing innocents. Fuck off with your “freedom” bullshit, I do not buy it.
    Anyone who gives an order to do harm to another human being, and anyone who carries out the order, are equally guilty of the crime!
    I am not scared of other countries. Other countries aren’t the ones taking my rights away. It’s these people up the road, calling themselves government, who are actively working to strip me of my rights.
    If people are sympathetic to oppressed villagers in other countries, they should be allowed to help in any way they want. They can’t because the government has made illegal every option that doesn’t involve the government or military.

    Someday soon, the pendulum will swing over, and no one will ever admit to being a soldier/military.They will burn their uniforms and melt down their medals. They will cower in basements clutching their guns, hoping not to be discovered for who they really are……

    And of course British squaddies in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere (not to mention Yanks in Arizona or Virginia or South Dakota with their hands on joysticks guiding drones) have just been spreading peace and love around the globe?

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