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Other places you can find me on social media

September 13, 2019 Leave a comment Go to comments

I haven’t been around here much recently because I’m busy making videos for my two Youtube channels.

-The first is called It Had to Be Said. It is similar to this blog: It looks critically at the dominant institutions of the world and why we should get rid of most of them. I publish new content every Saturday.

-The second is called Radical ESL. As a teacher of English as a second language (ESL) for about 15 years now, I want to spread these ideas to my students who are not yet good enough at English to understand everything on It Had to Be Said. If you are an ESL/EFL/EAL/ELL student and you’re interested in politics, history, economics and other social sciences, this is the channel for you!

If you are on Facebook, you can find me on one of my many pages.

-My most popular at present is Liberals and Conservatives and Centrists Are Wrong. I used not to have the part about centrists because I don’t really believe in centrism (see this video) but after hundreds of people who identified as centrists started coming to the page thinking it was for them got disappointed, I changed its name.

-I started the page No Gods, No Masters not to spread the old fashioned atheist view of anarchism but to spread anarchism to atheists who might just need that little push to realize it’s not just religious authority we need to question.

-If you have already read my series on ancaps (“anarcho-capitalists”) you might be interested in my page Bosses for Freedom. After I wrote that series, I decided to start a page about my objections to their thinking and why they should move to the left.

-I started Quotes from Your Favorite Radicals as a kind of generic leftist page that I thought would be a good way to send out any small thoughts I had (though my Twitter is good for that too).

-Finally, I started the page Fuck the Poor to bemoan the fact that mainstream news and politics say next to nothing about the poor, when poverty is one of the biggest crimes our world commits against people. It is meant to be testament to the fact that we don’t care, don’t think about, don’t want to hear about the poor.

I’ll continue to write things here but for now, if you want to keep up with me, check out the links above. And if you agree or disagree with anything, feel free to comment!

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